In the data science world, succulent or otherwise, there is substantial overlap among technical terms.  Generally speaking, for most practitioners, artificial intelligence is the overriding goal of enabling non-humans to mimic human decisions.  Within AI is the subset of ML, where algorithms are applied to datasets to gain insights, and the performance of the model improves over time without additional explicit programming.  ML can be further broken down into Deep Learning.  Typical DL use cases are creating layered neural networks to discern patterns in language, images, and videos.


It’s only natural in a technological landscape surging with innovation to want the best solution.  Best cloud provider, best neural network, best machine learning algorithm, etc. Understandably, the desire never ends. True, industries mature and best practices emerge, but the modern world (and especially technology) is an arena of non-stop change.

What was best yesterday may not be the best today. What was cutting-edge yesterday and widely acknowledged to be the next big thing sometimes gets supplanted by a hidden gem.  It’s a constantly shifting landscape.  Which is why data science companies MUST stay on the forefront of developing……



With great power comes great responsibility.  Never have those words rang truer than in this age of startling technological advances. For better or worse, we have become a world increasingly dependent on technology to solve our problems and to increase our productivity.  In an ideal world, that would mean nothing but good. But, sadly, this is a world where cyber-terrorists, hackers, and trolls hide in the shadows and seek to wreak havoc.

Which is why loss prevention is just as much of a concern, sometimes more so, than positive gains. Loss can take many forms. At Succulent Data, we always start from the baseline of keeping our clients’ digital operations as safe and secure as possible.


At Succulent Data, we don’t help our clients compete. Our level of support and commitment is higher than that. We want them to dominate in their industry by having the insights they need to make smart data-driven decisions. The only way to achieve that is through consistent, open, frank channels of communication during every step of the process. It’s a promise a client and us make to each other in the very beginning and is crucial in producing the results we all need and expect.

EMERGING TECH – by 2025, 95% of emerging technologies will have AI foundations

RECOMMENDATIONS – 75% of what users watch on Netflix come from AI-powered recommenders

WORLD-WIDE DATA – will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes by 2025 & AI allows the understanding of it