Advertising Technology (AdTech) is in the midst of great flux. 3rd party-centric marketing is being deprecated across the web, and 1st party data from real individuals (called “people-based”) is the foundation of the new paradigm of modern AdTech.

In the past, marketers have mainly targeted profiles rather than actual people.  Why?  Because you couldn’t use Personally Identifiable Information (PII) when employing en masse target acquisition strategies, accomplished using browser-based 3rd party cookies.  But those days are rapidly coming to a close.

Consumer privacy and security are the buzzwords of the day (rightfully so), and even now you can’t target and reach people like you could before. By 2022, even Google will deprecate those methodologies.  People-based marketing and advertising are here to stay.  At Succulent Data, we’ve been people-based all along.

Job #1 is defining your audience and putting them in your cross-hairs.  Who are they?  Do you know?  Many companies don’t.  With our database of 250+ million individuals and businesses, we are able to segment audiences and pinpoint exactly who you want to target.

These days there are multitude of ways that people consume content. Unless you can reach them wherever they happen to be –phone, desktop, laptop, tablet, radio, connectedTV (Hulu, etc), gaming platforms, etc — you have little hope of converting them into a sale.

You can target your audience and you can successfully reach them, but the third step is just as important. Unless you know what your results are and continually improve your campaigns along the way, then your marketing and advertising efforts will always be sub-optimal.


Unlike marketing agencies, at Succulent Data we are first and foremost a data company.  And we aren’t data brokers.  Instead, we are one of the largest data companies in the world, which gives us capabilities that marketing agencies simply don’t have. 


Only Succulent Data is able reach actual, verified humans in a simple, yet extraordinarily powerful way.

The Power of People-Based

We don’t target or reach generic audiences or bots.  And our campaign reporting proves it.

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People, on average, now use 3+ devices to consume content. And if you aren't there, you lose.

People-Based AdTech is the key

Using 3rd party cookies, you couldn’t reach people on their phones or other devices.  With people-based, you can.

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Exact targeting, pinpoint reach, and accurate metrics are what defines Succulent Data.

To Optimize, You Must Measure

There are no great marketers, just great testers/optimizers.  And you can be those without bulls-eye accuracy.

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At Succulent Data, we were one of the first companies to bring the power of programmatic advertising to small and medium-sized companies using our own demand side platform (DSP).  Until then, only large Fortune 500 companies were able to fully benefit from advanced advertising technologies.  That experience enabled us to be on the forefront of the people-based marketing and advertising revolution.  While other companies have had to completely overhaul their entire methodologies, essentially starting from scratch, our mindset in the very beginning emphasized people over than profiles.  And our clients are the beneficiaries.

Unparalleled Reach
Across All Devices
Maximum Accuracy