Some companies try and provide a one-size-fits-all solution.  Because of the nature of artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and Distributed Ledger Technology, Succulent Data most certainly does not.  Your business is unique.  As such, the first step is to conduct an initial free phone consultation to find out about your company and what it is you hope to accomplish.

    Takes only about 10-15 minutes and if all the ingredients are in place, then we can all get serious and graduate on to a deeper dive.  One simple phone call could very well change everything.  Every company has more data than they know what to do with.  Turning all it into Succulent Data is the key.  Fill out the form and let’s see what’s cooking.


    Below are just a handful of the questions we are frequently asked.  Get in touch with us for a free consultation and we can explore what exactly it all means for you.

    Nothing is more valuable than a company’s data.  At their core, every business is really a data company first and foremost.  We help you to figure out what that data means so that you can use it to glean insight, make data-driven business decisions, and increase profits.

    All companies are different and have unique goals.  For some, a data-science approach where datasets are modeled and insights inferred is the best approach.  For others, maybe a graph-centric application that harnesses the power of the relationships between data points.  We tailor solutions specifically to each client.

    The total costs to the client very much depend on what services/solutions are being provided.  In the end, though, costs are not the primary concern.  ROI is.  And ROI takes many forms because data can typically be monetized in a myriad of ways.  Your data is incredibly valuable.

    The foundation of data are databases, and graph databases are by far the fastest growing database segment.  Graph databases capture not only data points, but all their rich relationships.  Graph databases mirror how the real world works- producing previously hidden, powerful, actionable insights.

    The term itself has become so ubiquitous and bandied about that it’s become very confusing to the public.  Even marketing your company as “AI-powered”, regardless of whether you are or not, brings a degree of recognition.  AI can mean many different things.  Let’s talk and see what AI means for you.

    Much like AI, data science is a broad term covering many topics. But in general, a dataset is aggregated, cleaned up, modeled by various algorithms, and then presented through visualizations.  In most cases, the primary goal is to use your existing data to make accurate predictions of the future.

    The power of the cloud has made the entire data science, IoT, AI, ML, etc, revolution possible.  GCP, AWS, and Azure are the Big 3 of the cloud.  We primarily use GCP, because Google is simply more advanced in the AI/ML space.  As always, the client’s needs ultimately dictate what cloud or hybrid solution is best.

    Graph technology is a multi-billion industry that up until now has only been cost feasible for Fortune 500-sized companies.  Not anymore.  Graph Database as a Service is here, and now small and medium-sized companies can enjoy all of the amazing benefits of graph tech previously beyond their reach.

    80%+ of the Fortune 500 utilizes graph technology in some way.  Real-time recommendation systems, fraud detection, master data management, networking, the applications are both broad and deep.  New uses are being innovated every day, and in many cases graph is far more effective than traditional means.

    Nothing operates in pure isolation.  Everything is part of many different networks.  Networks are the most powerful force on the planet.  The internet is a network. Supply chains, transportation routes, biological food chains, the list is endless.  Relationships rule.  Network science empowers all of our business solutions.